19.01.2017 | Sport | Start moving in a safe and durable way
Blog Sjuul Daamen, trainer at Het Gymlokaal

When I started training, I didn’t know a lot about its physical effects. At that time, my gym wisdom came from my anabolic colleagues at the academy and the Spartan Capoeira teachers I trained with. All I knew was that I wanted to get strong and learn to do all the crazy acrobatics as fast as I could. The quick results that I aimed for, justified the means and methods I used. Over time this resulted in a broken ankle, a broken hand, countless other smaller injuries and hip problems that I still deal with today.

Most of the people that go to the gym nowadays want instant results and this is an increasing problem. It leads to Spartan training sessions with minimal attention to your long-term physical wellbeing. It’s a double-barrelled problem, because at the same time people don’t move during the rest of the time, and then twice a week they kick their rusty bodies into fifth gear.

The question here is: what is the value of a six-pack in your twenties if you have a hernia in your back when you’re fifty? Needless to say; very little. I think it is important to have a body that doesn’t only has hints of movement functionality, but a body that really is able to move, kick, climb, jump, run, roll and do everything it is made to do. During our mobility classes we therefore use trainings methods that increase the ranges of motion and control over your body in a safe and durable way.

From the 1st of February we will also start a new class called ‘Movement’ at Het Gymlokaal. Wherein the mobility class we improve the ability to control and move your body, in the movement class the goal is to reach your body’s full potential. During these lessons we will use elements of different movement practices and sports and combine these skills to produce total freedom to move your body.

It is time to start moving with more consciousness and take your training to a next level!