Sportvasten, sounds scary right? Let me share with you why it grabbed and kept my attention. And why it will do the same with yours.

I used to be quite sceptical about fasting, because I could never imagine that starving is in any way healthy for your body or can even contribute to your athletic performances. Last summer however, I got curious about fasting after experimenting it for one day during the Ramadam. I noticed that I could focus more on things that mattered to me, because I wasn’t distracted by food. Then I learned more about the Sportvasten method and my interest to this method grew. I therefore decided to follow the Sportvasten coach course and to experiment the method with six other people. During the fasting days, I experienced an enormous clarity of the mind, a higher productivity, boost in cardio performance with almost 15% and a decrease in weight of six kilograms.

How does the method work?
Let’s dive into the Sportvasten method. The Sportvasten method lasts in total ten days. During the first three days, we gradually decreased the amount of food intake, then we switched to a very small amount of juice intake for three days after which we increased the food intake again during the last 4 days. During the fasting period, we performed 30 minutes of cardio exercises per day. Additionally, we got supplemented with a couple of essential nutrition supplements like amino-acids, vitamins and magnesium in order to prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Making the switch.
The Sportvasten method had some physical and mental consequences. From the first day on I felt that my body switched to a zone of efficient energy use and my mind became focused. At the third day of the method my diet switched from food to only juices. It took my body a couple of hours to get used to the fact that it wasn’t receiving any food. After that my body made the switch and I experienced one on of my most productive days ever, in which it took only a couple of seconds to tackle some tasks that I was procrastinating for days. I rose to a sharp state of mind where I wasn’t distracted and was able to focus on what needed to be done. Physically I wasn’t really feeling like a god. When I needed to do my daily half hour run however, I didn’t have a lot of trouble completing them. The thing that amazed me most was that my body apparently could function perfectly well on only a little bit of fruit concentrate. Now before it starts looking like one big happy fasting story of course I also experienced less positive things. Like I said, I didn’t eat anything for almost four days. After the first two days, I really felt a depletion of energy. I guess that the experience depends on your mental discipline. Also after breaking the fasting, there were moments in which I just couldn’t stop eating that were awfully satisfying but also not very helpful if your goal would be to get lower in your fat. It also took me a couple of days to get back into my old energy level.

A kick start to a healthier life.
Looking at the other participants, the results varied from no long-term effects to very high long-term effects. And even by some to a change in their lifestyle. All of the participants experienced the ten days of Sportvasten as positive, whereby it contributed to an increase of focus and control over their metabolism. Moreover, some people lost five to six kilograms and still regularly exercise and control their eating patterns with intermittent fasting’s. Others had a relapse in their former eating patterns. It therefore seems that the effect is not only in the ten days of Sportvasten itself, but mostly how you continue after the method. The ten days of Sportvasten can thus be seen as a kick-start for a better lifestyle depending on your motivation. Personally, I am more interested in the mental aspect and the effect on my athletic performances. The latter I am still researching, but the intermittent fasting’s I already apply once a week with very good results in productivity and control over my feeding patterns.

Customizing the method.
Resuming the experiment, it is very important to asses everybody personally before you start with the test. The effect of the Sportvasten method depends on your workout patterns, body constitution, motivation and lifestyle. Before you start with the ten days of Sportvasten therefore, you make a customized protocol with your coach so that it fits best with your personal habits and physicality.

Want to know more?
If you are interested in the method you can get in touch with me and we discuss your motivation and plan an intake. I am also more than happy to elaborate on the underlying physiological processes and why controlling them is so important for your health. You can also check the Sportvasten website for more information. Or just get in touch with me through my website, Instagram or Facebook